Tyler Breeze Reportedly Garners Backstage Heat After Leaving a WWE TV Taping Early

tyler breezeAccording to PWInsider.com, WWE star Tyler Breeze recently garnered some backstage heat when he asked to leave a WWE TV taping early. Word eventually got out at the taping that Breeze did in fact leave early, and the news eventually made its way up to several WWE officials who did not know about Breeze’s request, and they were not happy.

Though not confirmed, the incident might be what is contributing to Breeze’s recent lack of push, as the feeling in WWE is Breeze just came up from NXT and is disrespecting the company and the business by making a request to leave a taping early. Officials might be temporarily “squashing him out” due to the heat, and there is no word on when his stay in the doghouse might end.

Photo Credit: Getty Images