Social Outcasts Talk Why They Formed the Group, Is Ryback a Member?, Talk Standing Up to the Wyatts, Royal Rumble Match & More

Cole starts off by asking the group how they got started, and Heath Slater says they are all former NXT champions who have been on the shelf for way too long. Bo Dallas added that the group has so much talent, and have the same desires, and now it’s their time to shine.

Adam Rose then incidentally says Heath Slater should be called Red Dragon since it matches his hair.

Cole then mentions Ryback helping them stand up to The Wyatt Family on Raw this week, and says everyone wants to know if Ryback is part of the Social Outcasts. The team debates the question and says he is not part of the group, but then Bo Dallas says it’s not official and that you never know.

Cole asks about the Royal Rumble match being for the WWE World Title, and wants to know if they will work together as a team in the match. Curtis Axel says he’s still in the match from last year. The group then argues over which of them will win the match if it comes down to the four of them: