TNA Impact Wrestling Results (1/12) – Jeff Hardy Returns To Action, New Champion Crowned, Angle vs Galloway

First Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Shyron 

Shynron connects with a delayed outside handstand. Jeff kicks him into the table. Jeff kicks and blocks. Shynron blocks a Twist of Fate attempt from Hardy. Shynron goes to the outside. Hardy and Shynron trade forearms on the apron. Jeff with a backbreaker and the Twist of Fate to pick up the victory. 

Winner: Jeff Hardy 

The Beautiful People, Dollhouse and Awesome Kong Backstage Segment: 

Marti Bell says that the Knockouts Division needed a shakeup, and they showed they are stronger than ever, and they have Kong to thank for that. Kong asks if everyone hates her, then says good, because these girls, this house, it’s his house, and she does what she wants with who she wants. She going to hurt Gail because she’s got something she wants. The Beautiful People come in to tell Kong not to worry about Gail, they should worry about the Beautiful People instead. Velvet wants to kick Kong’s ass, and Madison says they don’t need to attack anyone from behind, they can do it right now. The Beautiful People, Dollhouse and Kong proceed to brawl and Velvet and Madison are laid out.