TNA Impact Wrestling Results (1/12) – Jeff Hardy Returns To Action, New Champion Crowned, Angle vs Galloway


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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

January 12th, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Ethan Carter III, Shynron, Tyrus and Jeff Hardy In-Ring Segment: 

EC3 talks about becoming the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. EC3 turned his attention to Tyrus and spoke about their personal friendship. EC3 said that Tyrus has taken so many bullets for him that he can never thank him enough. EC3 knows that Tyrus earned a title shot and he’ll honor that. EC3 thanked him for never doubting him even though he wasn’t at his side during his match against Matt Hardy. Tyrus called him boss and said he never doubted him, nor did he leave him. EC3 took the mic back and turned the attention back to himself. Jeff Hardy comes out to interrupt EC3 and Tyrus. EC3 welcomes the man who cost EC3 the World Title to begin with, and asks him what he wants. Hardy says he still can’t stand the sound of Ethan’s voice, but Jeff is here to give him something he deserves. Hardy used to think that Ethan was a spoiled brat who needs help from everyone, but he didn’t need any help last week, he won fair and square, and he deserves to be the World Champion.

EC3 couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and Jeff said he deserves it, but for everything EC3 put Jeff and Matt through, tonight is not about the Charismatic Enigma, and tonight is about EC3. Hardy has something to share with EC3, and pulls out a piece of paper that EC3 looks over before sternly looking at Jeff and folding the paper back up. EC3 says it’s a doctor’s note saying he’s cleared to wrestle, and Jeff says that he’s here to go big or go home, and challenges EC3 to a title match. EC3 says he’s wanted a match with Jeff Hardy for all the marbles for a long time, but his request for a title match is denied. EC3 says to hear him out, because Jeff can’t expect to come off the disabled list and walk right into a title shot. EC3 says that if Jeff wants a title shot, he needs to start at the bottom, so EC3 calls out to Bob Ryder to send out some young, hungry wrestler to take on Jeff Hardy right now. Shyron comes out and EC3 calls for some entrance music for him, and sings lyrics for him along to the beat. Shyron introduces himself as the Master of Motion, Shyron, and tonight, he’s going to fly all over his boy, Jeff Hardy. EC3 eggs him on to say he’s going to beat and destroy Jeff Hardy, and EC3 says that dog has bite.