Backstage News on the Mixed Reaction to Triple H Appearing at NXT Takeover After TLC Injury Angle, Reaction to Reigns’ SD! Promo

triple hAs seen at WWE NXT Takeover London, Triple H appeared on the show despite WWE running an injury angle at TLC  just days before in which Triple H was beaten down by Roman Reigns. Triple H was unable to appear on Raw the night after the PPV due to the story line injuries he sustained from the Reigns attack, and there has been a very mixed backstage reaction to Triple H appearing at the NXT show, according to The Wrestling Observer.

In addition to appearing at NXT Takeover, Triple H also posted workout footage on Twitter the same week of the injury angle, and of course was not selling the injury in the shoot video. The majority of people backstage in WWE feel that if anyone other a name like Triple H was involved in a major TV angle and was then breaking kayfabe on social media days later, it would be met with heat from WWE officials, but the rules are of course different for top stars and the McMahons.

With regards to Roman Reigns’ promo on the post-TLC edition of Smackdown, in which he said Triple H was “nowhere to be seen” since TLC, that promo was met with a mixed reaction backstage in NXT. The feeling was that the promo was poorly scripted as it overlooked the fact that Triple H appeared at NXT Takeover, and it sent the message that Roman Reigns, and by way of Reigns the main WWE roster, is not paying attention to what goes on in NXT. Some felt this makes NXT seem second-rate, and Triple H should not have appeared at Takeover, but the Observer notes he was going to take his “victory bow” in front of the sold out NXT crowd even if it didn’t make sense creatively.

The WWE main roster feeling was that the creative team should have respected the NXT viewers enough not to ignore Triple H’s story line injury at TLC, and should have kept him off Takeover.


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