D-Von Dudley Talks His Favorite Tag Teams, Who The New Day Reminds Him Of, The Dudley Boyz Career and WWE Future, More

d-von dudleyOne half of the Dudley Boyz, D-Von Dudley, recently spoke with NOLA.com to promote Monday’s WWE Raw in New Orleans, and below are some interview highlights:

Favorite tag teams, past and present:

“Past, Legion of Doom and the British Bulldogs. Present, New Day and the Usos. I see those two tag teams reinventing themselves into the Hardys, Edge and Christian. I can see us being that team that can be with these guys and create that magic, that history over again.”

WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day:

“We definitely have our sights on New Day. They’re a great bunch of guys, extremely talented, funny as hell. When we’re in the ring with New Day, it reminds us of Edge and Christian. Not only are they funny and talented, but they can go. That combination, all three of them put together, is really, really good.”

The Dudley Boyz’ WWE careers and the future:

“It’s been an amazing roller coaster ride, and there is no end right now. We’re still going strong. After 20 years, we’re still relevant. It’s been incredible. I don’t think there could have been an actual writer that could have wrote this any better than we’ve played it out. I don’t think that we could have ever predicted the stardom, the success that we’ve had within those 20 years.”