Former WWE Head Writer Ed Ferrara Talks Mr. McMahon’s Return To WWE TV, Dewey Foley’s First Day On The Job With WWE’s Writing Staff, More

WZD Ed FerraraYesterday Former WWE Head Writer Ed Ferrara joined WrestleZone Daily as a featured guest. Ed’s interview is presented by WrestleZone’s official Pro Wrestling Tees Store!

During he appearance Ed chatted candidly about:

  •  Seeing Vince McMahon back on WWE TV in a main storyline at seventy years old
  • The rumors about a possible Bullet Club invasion of WWE
  • What John Cena going out with injury could mean for WrestleMania plans
  • Dewey Foley’s first day on the job at WWE and what he thinks it may have been like
  • More…

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You can listen to Ed’s appearance starting at the 29:35 minute mark in the embedded audio player below. Some of his quotes have been transcribed below it:

On Vince McMahon’s return to WWE TV:

EF: We got tickets to the gun show on Monday Night. That’s him. He is proud of those guns. He is proud of that body. When you see him and he turned around and did the delt flex from behind… he was just getting rocks off on that. What I feel about him being back on TV? I think it’s good because we talked about this on BS with CSR the other night when I was on with Blake. I think that what it is is that it’s not so much that it’s just the fact that Vince being back on TV means numbers. It clearly has to a certain extent. It’s the fact that him being on TV means kind of a return to the unpredictable nature that wrestling fans really yearn for from the product and that we haven’t gotten in years. It’s just got this stale, by the numbers feel the way that they write the shows. It has been that way for a long time. Since Vince has come back there’s been a little bit more unpredictability. A little bit more spontinaity. That’s what’s going to keep the audience interested. You’ve got to pay off and give them some surprises and swerves and reward them for sitting through this product for hours and hours on a Monday night. They haven’t done it in a long time but with Vince on the air there’s more of a promise of that happening. It comes down to, “Will they continue? Will they keep that up or will it go back to just the same stale, by the numbers booking?” With Vince involved in it… that remains to be seen I think.

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On what he thinks Dewey Foley’s first day on the job for WWE was like this past Monday:

EF: Whatever it is I am sure it’s a rude awakening. The reality never matches up to the expectation. Isn’t his position more along the lines of he’s more of an assistant? Not actually working creative but he’s going to be like a writer’s assistant for creative?

WZ Daily co-host Marty DeRosa: Yes, that is it. He’s a writer’s assistant. 

EF: Who knows? I don’t know. I don’t think I know any of the writers on the creative staff right now or know who they are. I just know it’s a huge staff. I am sure his head will be swimming. I hope that he is able to stick with it because I don’t know Dewey at all. I think maybe I met him once when he was very little. Back when I was working for WWF during The Attitude Era. I know Mick and Mick is a great guy and I really wish the best for his kid to work out. It remains to be seen what kind of pressure is put on him. Especially since he comes with, “Oh, you’re Mick Foley’s kid?” I think he’ll get a little bit of respect for that just because of the respect for his father. He’s going to have to earn respect on his own no matter what he ends up doing or where he rises to in the company. 


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