Max Landis On The Current WWE Product, How He Would Book Reigns, Women In Wrestling vs Comedy, more

Max Landis 470WrestleZone Radio presents this exclusive interview with screenwriter, producer and director Max Landis. During the interview Max gives his thoughts on:

– What he does not like about the current WWE product

Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling passing two million views on Youtube

– Ways the WWE can be changing up it’s presentation

– How he would book Roman Reigns

– The way women are presented in WWE and other forms of entertainment

The New Day’s push and place on the card

– How pro wrestling compares to other forms of entertainment when it comes to evolving

– Whether there will be a sequel to Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling

– And more…

(Photo Credit: Paul Cooper for The World According To Wrestling)

We will have transcribed quotes from Max’s interview available later today and tomorrow. You can find the archives of WrestleZone Radio interviews in the embedded audio player below: