WWE Could Be Losing Daniel Bryan Soon With Passion Blinding Judgment

Daniel Bryan Top 10I write a column ever Monday and Friday for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Today’s looks at the situation of Daniel Bryan with WWE. Here’s an excerpt:

The Daniel Bryan situation is a great example of passion blinding judgment.

Bryan’s done several interviews recently where he continues to say his WWE career might be over, but not his wrestling career. Basically meaning, if WWE doesn’t medically clear him to compete anymore, he’ll leave and go wrestle somewhere else.

He’s acknowledged his wife and others have asked him to change his in-ring style, and he won’t because it is who he is as the smaller underdog. Bryan’s so passionate for what he does, even after two severe injuries in the past two years, that he’s prepared to risk being crippled inside of a ring to fulfill the years he thinks he should have left wrestling.

I think Daniel Bryan is one of the best bell-to-bell performers I’ll ever see. He’s also one of the nicest, purist guys to ever be associated with the business. Of course, I want him to be happy, but I don’t want him to be stupid, either.

Every wrestler is risking their career and life when stepping into the ring. There’s an ominous risk already with putting your health in the hands of someone else. But Bryan’s risks and odds are heightened so much more by the repeat injuries, the style he wants to keep working and the mileage he’s already put on his body because of that style starting at such a young age.

The passion is also blinding the fans.

Bryan’s alive, he can walk and WWE ratings are down — quick, get him in the ring. They enjoy him so much, they can’t process anything else.

I feel if Bryan comes back, it will be a great pop initially, but fans are just going to get more aggravated at WWE because there is no way they put the investment of the world title on him again. That’s what being champion, World or Intercontinental, is. It’s an investment and, unfortunately Bryan’s been invested with both titles at back-to-back WrestleMania’s and was injured within a month.

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