WWE SmackDown Results (11/26) – New WWE TLC Match Announced, Del Rio vs Swagger, A New Day’s Thanksgiving

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WWE Smackdown Results

November 26th, 2015

Report by Josh Lopez for Wrestlezone.com

Roman Reigns & Sheamus In-Ring Segment: 

Roman Reigns makes his way out to the ring which has a Table, Ladder and Chair in it. When Roman was a little kid, he and The Usos used to wrestle all over the house to the point where one of The Usos broke one of the tables and they all got a lifetime ban from wrestling in the house. They continued to wrestle outside. They wrestled at the beach and the pool. Their favorite spot was the trampoline. They imagined that they could win the WWE Championship one day. It felt like a dream until Sunday when he won the WWE Championship. The dream got shattered when Sheamus crushed his face with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus makes his way onto the stage. Sheamus tells Reigns that he needs to get over this fella. Reigns is like a talking Adele song and that is not a good thing. You were WWE Champion for Five Minutes and Fifteen Seconds. That was days ago. You have been talking about being World Champion longer than you were WWE Champion. Sheamus says he has been in elevators longer than Reigns was champion. He couldn’t reheat a frozen burrito in the time that you were champion. Sheamus says if he started reading a book when you became champion, he wouldn’t have been able to finish the first page by the time it ended. Sheamus tells Reigns to get over it because everyone agrees that this looks so much better on him. Sheamus says he is having a bit of fun. He wants to know how great this is now. He tells everyone to suck it in. Sheamus says he is not here to bust Reigns chops. Reigns had a grueling match against Alberto Del Rio. Then he had a match with his best friend Dean Ambrose and they beat the hell out of each other. After two intense matches, he did it. Reigns became the WWE World Champion. There was confetti from the ceiling and pyro was going off. 

Sheamus says he is out of breath at how excited he was for Reigns. Rather than shake the hand of the man who gave him that opportunity, Reigns speared Triple H out of his shoes. Sheamus says he Brogue Kicked Reigns to hell, took the title belt out of your hands, stabbed you in the heart, and shattered your dreams. How good that felt to be the new WWE World Champion? Reigns tells Sheamus that he can stand out there and continue to look stupid or he can come down to the ring and show the world what he can do to you in under five minutes. Sheamus asks Reigns if that is what he wants? Reigns asks Indianapolis if that is what you want. Sheamus says not a chance. That is the difference between Reigns and Sheamus. Reigns wants to run down and fight he doesn’t think things through. That is why Reigns is not the champion. All Reigns had to do was shake Triple H’s hand. Sheamus is smart he bides his time and he takes his opportunities and that is why he has this and all Reigns has is broken dreams. Sheamus tells Reigns that he will see him in his nightmares fella. Reigns says that he wants to talk about Sheamus nightmare and a sneak peak of what will happen at TLC. He will break Sheamus jaw with a Superman Punch. He has three words for Sheamus “Tables, Ladders, and Chairs.” The first thing he is going to do is fold this thing up and try to break your back with it. When he is done with that, he is going to scoop Sheamus up and power bomb him through a table. Then when Sheamus can’t get up, he is going to climb the ladder and claim what is his, the WWE Championship. Reigns tells Sheamus that he better believe that.