More Details Involving Classic Wrestling Revolution Promotion Involving Jake Roberts, Shane Douglas, Who Is Backing The Company

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The new Las Vegas based promotion called Classic Wrestling Revolution is now reported to be planning a January launch date. Originally aiming at a fall/winter launch, WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts, Road Warrior Animal, Shane Douglas and a few other named are reported to be involved with the project, which will see wrestlers receive health insurance and other benefits. 

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According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the person funding the promotion is Bill Townsend, an executive who has worked with companies such as Beachbody, Lycos and in the past. His LinkedIn profile has him listed as President and CEO of Classic Wrestling Revolution, and features some company details such as touting seven shows a week in a Las Vegas casino, media distribution goals, brand focus and others. 

The Observer is reporting perspective talents have been issued contracts and non-disclosure agreements to review, but there aren’t many names out there that aren’t already signed elsewhere. 

It was noted that CWR started contacting talent around the same time plans for Jerry Jarrett’s 13-week “American Idol” like promotion were revealed, leaving CWR people to think Jarrett was involved, but these are two separate companies.