TNA Impact Wrestling Results (11/11) – EC3 vs Mr. Anderson, Matt Hardy Interview, Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

November 11th, 2015

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Updated TNA World Title Series Scoreboard

Group Tag Team Specialist:

Matt Hardy (9 Points), Robbie E (3 Points), Davey Richards (1 Points), Eddie Edwards (1 Points)

Group Future Four:

Eli Drake (4 Points), Micah (4 Points), Jessie Godderz (1 Points), Crimson (0 Points)

Group X-Division: 

Manik (6 Points), DJ Zema Ion (6 Points), Tigre Uno (3 Points), Mark Andrews (0 Points)

Group TNA Originals:

Abyss (3 Points), Bobby Roode (3 Points), James Storm (3 Points), Eric Young (3 Points)

Group UK:

Drew Galloway (6 Points), Rockstar Spud (3 Points), Bram (3 Points), Grado (0 Points) 

Group Champions:

Ethan Carter III (7 Points), Austin Aries (4 Points), Bobby Lashley (3 Points), Mr. Anderson (0 Points) 

Group Wildcard: 

Mahabali Shera (6 Points), Kenny King (3 Points),  Aiden O’Shea (3 Points), Crazzy Steve (0 Points) 

Group Knockouts:

Gail Kim (6 Points), Awesome Kong (3 Points), Brooke Tessmacher (3 Points), Madison Rayne (3 Points)

First Match: Group Knockout’s Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim in a TNA World Title Series Match 

Kim & Rayne exchange pinning combinations with neither girl able to get a fall on their opponent. Madison holds the ropes to block a rollup out of the corner and drills Gail with a right hand to the face, then hits a baseball slide to the face for a two count. Gail hits a springboard crossbody out of the corner for a two count. Gail misses a corner crossbody and sails right out to the floor with nothing breaking her fall.

Madison goes for an apron kick, but Gail catches her foot and yanks her down face first onto the ring steps. Madison takes a good long time to collect herself, but rolls back inside and Gail covers for a two count. They both get to their feet and trade right hands until Madison hits a step-up enziguiri for a two count. Madison goes for a suplex and Gail counters to a cradle to pickup the victory..

Winner: Gail Kim + 3 Points 

Matt Hardy Interview:

Mathews ask Matt how’s it feel to qualify for the next round in the TNA World Title Series? Hardy says that he’s estatic and to be honest there was a never moment where he thought he wouldn’t qualify for the Sweet 16. Hardy says that he’s better now then he ever had and he thought it was cool that he was the first one to advance to the next round. Hardy says that he’s going to be trending when he sweeps the entire TNA World Title Series. Hardy said that he will prove that he’s the true undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He thinks that the World Title Series is cool because every member of the TNA roster gets an opportunity for the World Championship and no other places does that. Mathews ask Hardy if he has any regrets relinquishing the Championship?

Hardy says that life is too short to have regrets especially in wrestling. He says that EC3 would have continue to drag on the issue during the time where the company may not be on television and Hardy says that it’s unfair to the company and the fans to put TNA in that situation. The Pope ask Hardy if he will have a night off when he takes on Eddie Edwards? He calls Edwards the future of TNA and a future TNA World Heavyweight Champion. The only problem is that it won’t be tonight and Hardy says that Edwards will be just another victim in Hardy’s formula bell, wrestle, twist of fate and victory. Mathews ask Hardy who would he like to face in the finals? Hardy says that he think’s it would poetic justice to have Hardy take on EC3 for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.