WWE NXT Results (11/11) New Champions Crowned, Samoa Joe Goes Face To Face With Finn Bálor!

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Tye Dillinger vs Baron Corbin

Before the match starts Apollo Crews runs to the ring and attacks Corbin. Corbin runs like a scolded dog.

Winner- No Contest

Bayley and The Hype Bros vs Alexa Bliss and Blake and Murphy

Ryder wants to start the match, but Blake tags in Bliss. Ryder tags in Bayley. Bayley bring Bliss down to the mat with a headlock takeover. Bliss fights out and takes Bayley down by her hair. Bayley locks in another headlock, followed by a la magistral cradle for a two count. Bliss bangs Bayley’s head into the turnbuckle, but Bayley pops up and screams, “you ain’t hype!” and bashes Bliss’ head into the turnbuckle over and over again. Bayley almost hits the Bayley-to-belly, but Bliss gets to the ropes and tags in Blake.

After a break, Murphy gets the advantage on Ryder after a distraction from Blake. Murphy and Blake take turns beating down Ryder. Blake tries to whip Ryder into the corner, but Ryder reverses it and sends Blake into the corner. Ryder tags in Rawley. Rawley takes out both Blake and Murphy. Rawley hits a modified flapjack. Rawley tires to pin Blake, but Bliss breaks up the pin. Bayley tosses Bliss out of the ring. Bliss grabs Bayley’s title and runs up the ramp. Bayley tires to give chase but the referee stops her. Bayley breaks up Murphy’s pin attempt. Murphy gets in Bayley’s face. Bayley hits the Bayley-to-belly on Murphy. Ryder and Rawley hit the hyper Ryder for the win.

Winners- Bayley and The Hype Bros