The Latest On Randy Orton’s Shoulder Injury; Extent Of His Injuries, Early Estimate Of A Possible Return

Orton, who has had shoulder problems for much of his career, had a shoulder dislocation that lasted for several hours before it could be popped back into place. WWE doctor Steve Daquino told that Orton is a good candidate for the surgery, because his case is more of “when” he will dislocate his shoulder again, not “if” he does. Daquino also noted Orton’s surgery and recovery would keep him on the shelf for four to six months before he could return. 

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The Observer noted that Orton’s full list of injuries are (from MRI results): a dislocated shoulder, a Bankart lesion in his shoulder, stretched ligaments, and a partially torn rotator cuff. Orton would still have a chance to be back for Wrestlemania if he has the surgery soon; if it’s delayed or surgery is put off, he could miss returning for Mania, and continue to suffer from shoulder dislocations.