Ring Of Honor Reportedly No Longer Allowing AAA Appearances By Talent, Which ROH Star Is WWE Showing Interest In?

heath slaterRing Of Honor

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter 

Ring Of Honor is reportedly no longer allowing any contracted talent to work for AAA, regardless of if they have exclusive or non-exclusive contracts. 

The reason being given is mostly because ROH, New Japan Pro Wrestling and CMLL Mexico are trying to agree on a working relationship. New Japan apparently prefers ROH talent not to work for AAA (although it was not explicitly said), and wouldn’t want one of their title holders, like AJ Styles, working for AAA. 

Michael Elgin

WWE is reported to be showing interest in ROH star Michael Elgin. The company is reported to be looking at him because of his buzz from working for New Japan, and he’s seen as a guy who can get a ‘niche’ brand like NXT over.