WWE NXT Results (11/4) Finn Bálor Defends the NXT Title Against Apollo Crews!

Backstage, Bayley announces that her partners in the six-person tag match against Alexa Bliss and Blake and Murphy are going to be the Hype Bros.

Eva Marie vs Marley

Eva loose armdrags Marley, which sends Marley flying across the ring. Eva is very proud of herself, playing to the crowd and taunting Marley. She mushes Marley in the face. Eva throws a clothesline, but Marley does the Trish Stratus Matrix move to dodge it. Marley hits a float over armdrag. Marley hits a few dropkicks before taking Eva over in a DDT take over. Marley charges Eva in the corner, but Eva gets her boot up enough to kick Marley in the chest. Eva lands a basement DDT for the win.

Winner- Eva Marie

Finn Bálor vs Apollo Crews

As soon as they lock up Crews rolls up Bálor for a two count. Crews is not wasting any time tonight. Crews puts Bálor in a side headlock. Bálor fights out and drives Crews into the ropes. Bálor whips Crews into the ropes, Crews goes to the mat, kips up, hops over Bálor then does a backflip before drop kicking Bálor. Not to be outdone, Bálor immediately drops kicks Crews. Crews picks up Bálor for a delayed vertical suplex for another two count.

Crews misses a jumping elbow drop. Bálor hits a penalty kick to a seated Crews for another near fall. Bálor locks in a cobra clutch, which Crews fights out of. Crews hits the ropes and Bálor sets up for a back body drop, but Crews reverse into a sunset flip. Bálor rolls out of the flip and dropkicks Crews in the face. Bálor puts on another clutch that Crews stands up in. Crews rolls through and kicks Bálor in the face. Crews sits on the top rope, but Bálor kicks him off the top with a enzguri. Bálor dives to the outside with a tope con hilo, which takes Crews off his feet.