Exclusive: ECW’s Big Sal Graziano Talks Learning From Great Big Men, His ECW Friends, DeMott Practicing Moonsaults (Audio)

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You can find the full audio of the interview and transcribed quotes below:

On legends who helped him in the business early on and taught him how to work like a giant:

BS: Having worked with guys like Bundy and Bam Bam and guys like that was just amazing. Honestly I have so much to thank them for. When you are in the business you always take the opportunity to thank they guys that you worked with and helped you out. Those guys taught me. I got early on exposure to them. They’d say, “Listen stupid. You don’t have to run around the ring…” What I wanted to do… I was the big guy who used to watch guys like The Great Muta and Sting. I wanted to do what they did but BIGGER. I wanted to do a Stinger Splash from across the ring. I wanted to do a Moonsault from the top. All that stuff is what I wanted to do.

On his first show in The Catskills in Upstate NY at age 18 where he witnessed Bill Demott trying his first Moonsaults into the pool:

BS: I was with all the boys, Rhino, all the guys I trained with. Hugh Morris, Bill at the time, all this boils back down to I watched Bill in the pool practicing his moonsault. I sat there and at the time I was in high school. I was 18 years old at the time. I sat there and I watched him and I was going, “Yaaa, yaaa that’s it right there. Moonsault. That’s it.” So I went up to him and said, “So let me ask you… what’s the deal with it?” Bill DeMott goes, “I’m trying it for my first time here.” You know he was practicing there and I just nodded and was like, “ya.” So I went to the pool, to the diving board and just started moonsaulting off the diving board. 

You can find the full audio from the interview by clicking HERE or listening in the embedded player at the top of the page.