Exclusive: ROH’s Silas Young Talks Turning Dalton Castle’s “Boys” into “Men,” WWE vs ROH, Freelance Wrestling, more (Audio Included)

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Last night’s episode featured a live, exclusive interview with Ring of Honor’sThe Last Real ManSilas Young. Silas talks about winning “The Boys” from Dalton Castle, how ROH has grown, whether WWE views ROH as competition, his upcoming appearance for Freelance Wrestling in Chicago, more

You can find the full audio of the interview and transcribed quotes below. His appearance on the show begins around the 90 minute mark:

On what he plans to do with “The Boys” now that he has won them from Dalton Castle:

SY: The battle is over. Dalton lost. Those boys are going to learn to be men now. That’s kind of the end of story as far as I am concerned. We’ve been out teaching them simple things that so called “men” now a days don’t know how to do. Most of these men who are 25+ years old don’t even know how to change oil on a car or change a flat tire. They don’t know how to be a man basically. Those are the things that these boys have been learning. I got to be honest with you they are quite pathetic. At this point I want to say it’s a cluster something. 

On the difference in his run in Ring of Honor now versus his previous run from 2007-2009:

SY: This time around I am really being given an opportunity. An opportunity to show who I am. What I am capable of. I feel like I am being better utilized this time around. As far as the talent goes, I think Ring of Honor is just one of those places that is always going to attract the best talent. You look at WWE’s current product and all their guy’s that are on top are either former Ring of Honor guys or former indy name type guys who went out there and built a career for themselves. I feel like Ring of Honor is always going to attract those guys and it’s always going to have the best talent.

On WWE running the same towns as ROH and pulling from the ROH style:

SY: I totally agree with your statement about it feeling like there’s a little bit of a “war.” With NXT that definitely feels like something that they are doing to cater towards more of the internet fans or the die hard fans. You know? The guys who like watching everything wrestling. When they start coming in places and running shows the same day as we are a mile or two away. It starts to feel like that a little bit.

On debuting for Freelance Wrestling next Friday in Chicago, competing to be the #1 contender for the Freelance Championship and whether he would like to face if he wins: Isaias Velazquez or Robert “Ego” Anthony:

SY: I am looking to win that match and go on to win the title. They are both good athletes, both good wrestlers… that’ll be a really good match. I’d probably like to face Isaias for a couple of reasons. “Ego” is no slouch. Not saying that Isaias Velazquez is either but Robert “Ego” Anthony has more of that “well traveled” experience. He has a better portfolio. He’s bigger than Isaias. He has more in-ring experience. So, I’m always, obviously, looking for the easier opponent. To be honest I would wrestle either of them. It doesn’t really matter to me. 

You can find the full audio from the interview by clicking HERE or listening in the embedded player at the top of the page.