Has New Japan Pro Wrestling Denied WWE’s Request to Air NJPW Footage on the WWE Network?

new japan pro wrestlingAs WWE continues to add content to the growing WWE Network, it appears as if WWE might have reached out to New Japan Pro Wrestling about acquiring some of the promotion’s footage to air on the WWE Network.

It appears WWE’s request might have been denied by NJPW, according to a new statement issued on the New Japan Pro Wrestling website.

Bushiroad President Takaaki Kidani issued the statement on the site, which you can check out at this link. The statement is in Japanese, and E. Key Oide has posted the following statement translation on Twitter:

Additionally, a Google translation of another key part of the Kidani statement indicates that New Japan intends to compete with companies such as WWE, instead of reaching deals with them:

How confront the strongest rival such as “MTG” or WWE? Presentation of the view of the world and the future, such as the fight table also, is one of such strategy.

We should create an environment in which entertainment themselves offer is accepted. If not care just movement of large rival looming, it will lose by turning to iron.

Business is war. Bushiroad is still a small challenger. For a new project from the beginning of the year, we will talk with recital of November 17. Please expect all means.