The Very Latest on Alberto Del Rio’s Status for Lucha Underground Season 2, Plus Details on TNA & NJPW Interested in Signing Del Rio

alberto del rioAccording to The Wrestling Observer, Alberto Del Rio’s status for season 2 of Lucha Underground is very much up in the air right now. Del Rio, known in AAA as Alberto El Patron, is under contract with Lucha Underground, but it’s said to be a deal Del Rio can get out of, and both financial and creative issues are said be the current problems.

Del Rio is the highest paid performer on the Lucha Underground roster, and when he signed with Lucha, he was told the entire promotion would be built around him, but that of course has not happened.

It appears as if Lucha Underground officials are under the impression that Del Rio will be appearing on season 2 of the show, as WZ spoke with Lucha Underground Chris DeJoseph a couple weeks ago, and when asked if Del Rio would be appearing on season 2 of the show, DeJoseph said “yes he will.” DeJoseph’s claim is something Del Rio later refuted on Twitter, so both sides are definitely not on the same page as it pertains to Del Rio’s current status.

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Additionally, The Wrestling Observer is reporting that TNA is still very much interested in signing Del Rio, and TNA has told Del Rio they would make him the biggest star in the promotion if he signs. There is hesitation, however, on TNA’s part, and they are being cautious as they don’t want another situation with Del Rio like what happened with Hernandez.

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New Japan Pro Wrestling is also said to be interested in Del Rio, but will not use him if he remains signed with AAA.

As we reported earlier in the week, WWE and Del Rio have had recent talks, but as of now it remains unknown if an official deal has been signed.