Former WCW Announcer Dave Penzer Talks About Infamous WWE RAW Main Event, WCW Inner Workings & TNA, Title Series Starts On Impact In 60 (Video)

Dave Penzer

Under The Mat Radio recently interviewed former WCW ring announcer Dave Penzer, and issued the following synopsis. You can listen to the full show in the player below: 

Former WCW/TNA Ring Announcer Dave Penzer sits down with Tech & NSC Gameboy of Under The Mat Radio in Baltimore discussing such topics as:

-Tony Schiavone

-Eric Bischoff

-WCW inner workings

-WCW to WWE transitions

-Infamous WWE RAW Main Event Match (Booker T vs Buff Bagwell, WCW World Heavyweight Title Match, 2001)

-WWE Invasion Angle

-WWE at MSG Special

-Ring Announcers’ inner workings

and more…

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Impact In 60

The following is the latest episode of Impact In 60, recapping last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling on Destination America. Last night’s show saw the introduction of the “World Title Series” round robin tournament: