TNA Bound For Glory Results (10/4) – New #1 Contender ‘Bound For Gold’, EY vs Angle, New World Champion!

Bound For Gold

Ken Anderson throws Jessie Godderz across the ring and hiptosses him, then he hits a neckbreaker before Eli Drake makes his way out. Drake swings at Anderson before eating a few punches in the corner. Drake cheapshots him and tries to throw Anderson outside, then Anderson throws some elbows as Al Snow enters the match. Snow hits Jessie and Drake in the nuts with Head, then he charges the corner but Drake hits a neckbreaker. Aiden O’Shea makes his entrance and pulls Snow into the ringpost, then he punches Anderson a few times as Robbie E makes his way out.

We get a bit of back and forth action before Mahabali Shera enters and takes Drake out, then Shera throws a few punches and asks for everyone to dance with him. His music continues to play through the match and everyone ends up dancing, then Aiden jabs him and punches him near the ropes. Tyrus and Chris Melendez are out next, with Tyrus knocking people back before Sarge hits Robbie with a full nelson slam. Anderson tries to sucker punch Sarge but gets caught with a big boot, then Tyrus clubs Snow and eliminates him, and tosses Sarge outside next. Tommy Dreamer enters and dukes it out with Tyrus, going for a Bionic Elbow before hitting a crossbody block.

Jessie dropkicks Dreamer and attacks him as Abyss makes his way out, then he and Tyrus have a staredown before… Pope’s music plays! Pope enters, but sees Tyrus and Abyss waiting, and ends up hopping over the ropes to eliminate himself. Abyss and Tyrus slug it out before Abyss gets knocked outside, then Jessie and Robbie slug it out and before Robbie gets sent outside. Dreamer is thrown outside next, then Jessie is eliminated by Anderson and we’re down to Tyrus and Anderson. Anderson hits him a few times, but Tyrus ends up slamming him down and hits a running splash for the win.

Winner – Tyrus

EC3 comes out and claps for Tyrus on the stage, then enters the ring and takes the mic. He puts Tyrus over and says Tyrus should use his title shot for the tag titles, but Tyrus takes the mic and says he fought hard and he’s tired. He says he’s taken a lot of bullets for EC3, but he did this on his own and he’s coming for the world heavyweight title, and EC3 looks devastated.