TNA Impact Wrestling Results (9/30) – Bound for Glory Announcement, Storm vs Sherra, Eric Young vs The World

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

September 30th 2015

Report By Joshua Lopez for

 Ethan Carter III, Tyrus, Dixie Carter and Drew Galloway In-Ring Segment: 

Carter said that he’s not in a good mood considering the fact he’s still the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and also kicking Jeff Hardy to the curb. Carter finds it funny that everybody is talking about Drew Galloway instead of him when it comes to their match at Bound for Glory. Carter is not surprised his aunt cheerleads for him like she did back in the day in Ole Miss. Carter calls Dixie out to the ring. Dixie said that she can’t believe what she’s hearing. Dixie said that EC3 has been a great TNA World Heavyweight Champion in the ring, but outside the ring he’s been acting childish. Dixie said that the reason why people are talking about Galloway  is because he fought for our company. Dixie ask how does EC3 sleep with himself at night with the fact he didn’t help his family. EC3 said that he would have done a better job leading Team TNA. EC3 said that Galloway can’t beat him now, or at Bound for Glory. 

Galloway comes out. EC3 says that the noble savior has arrived. Galloway said that he’s been waiting a long time to tell EC3 to shut his bloody mouth. Galloway said EC3 is self centered bitch who considers himself the best in the world and he didn’t even fight for the company. EC3 said that he has the gold to prove that he’s the best in the world. Galloway said that he will stand up for professional wrestling 24/7 and he will continue to talk about it until he can’t talk no more. What Galloway does best is compete in this ring and he tells EC3 he will destroy him. EC3 tells Galloway that he’s competing against the man who defeated Kurt Angle, Bully Ray and Sting. Stand Up? EC3 tells Galloway that he needs to stand down. Galloway tells EC3 that not only will he stand up, but he will also become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. 

James Storm Backstage Promo: 

Storm said that Sherra is the reason why the other members of The Revolution are beginning to doubt him. Storm brings up the No DQ Match. Storm said that he’s going to show Sherra that he’s the legend and he will cut him down. Storm said that at the end of the day the buzzards need to be feeded too.