Another Detailed WWE Smackdown TV Taping Report from Albany *Spoilers*

We have a back stage segment with the New Day and Seth. New Day changes their chant for Seth to be “Seth’s the man.”

The Wyatt Family comes to the ring and cuts a promo on Reigns. Which Reigns interrupts. After the interruption Reigns challenges Bray to a HIAC match at HIAC. Bray accepts, end of segment.

Kane makes his way out to ringside on crutches.

New Day and Seth come out first. They are dancing in the ring, which the Dudley’s interrupt. Kane’s music and pyro hits, no Kane. This was a good match. During the match Seth dives out side the ring which hits injured. Kane leaves under medical advice. 5 mins later demon Kane comes out and clears the ring. Dudley’s and Kane pick up the win after the Dudley drop. Bubba raises Kane’s hand which Kane disapproves of and choke slams the Dudley’s. Then he does the same to the New Day. Kane picks up the championship belt and holds it up. Seth sees this and leaves. But Kane also leaves with the belt too.