Trish Stratus Talks ‘Gridlocked’, Changing The Perception Of Women’s Wrestling, How It Relates To Her New Film

Trish StratusWWE Hall of Fame Trish Stratus recently talked to Huffington Post‘s Pollo Del Mar while promoting her new film “Gridlocked.” 

Stratus talks about her character Gina, how she drew from her experience as a wrestler, how her generation changed the fans’ perception of women’s wrestling, and much more. You can read a few excerpts below: 

Trish explains her character, Gina: 

“I play a female who’s trying to make her mark in a male-dominated world. She’s proven herself, and through her work, she’s earned her spot in the boy’s club.”

“The environment she is in is very much like with my wrestling days, very much like my [WWE] Trish Stratus character. A strong-willed female who kicks some serious ass — sounds familiar, right?”

Trish talks about getting fans to look at women wrestlers in a new way: 

“I remember Victoria and I coming back to the dressing room one night and were excited that we had ‘Holy shit’ chants, rather than chants for ‘puppies’, a sign that the fans were taking our matches seriously and we were giving them action not expected from the women. 

“We had the chance to develop the crowd’s interest in women’s wrestling organically. The women I was working with at the time were just phenomenal. During that time, we had to reeducate the fans on what to expect from women in the ring. It was a very special time where we were appreciated for the athleticism we brought to our performances.”

Stratus’ Gridlocked premieres Sept. 26 at the Austin, Texas at Fantastic Fest, and stars Stratus, Dominic Purcell, Danny Glover, Stephen Lang, Saul Rubinek, and Vinnie Jones.