WWE NXT Results (9/23): The Vaudevillains Defend Against Blake And Murphy, Kana Signs Her NXT Contract!

Kana Contract signing

William Regal is in the ring to welcome the newly dubbed Asuka. Asuka is really, really happy to be in NXT. After she signs her contract, Emma and Dana Brooke come out to the ring. Regal tells them they are being rude, but for some reason give Emma the microphone anyway. Emma and Dana proceed to speak to Asuka as if she doesn’t speak English. Emma tells Asuka that they are the bosses of NXT. Brooke tells Asuka that her career is going to be over before it even starts. Brooke and Emma tell Asuka that she needs to get out of the ring. Asuka begrudgingly obliges. While on the ramp Asuka stops and glares back at Emma and Brooke.

NXT Dusty Rhodes Classic Update:

Dash and Dawson managed to defeat The Vaudevillains in a huge upset to advance in the tournament. Next week Finn Bálor and Samoa Joe will take on Enzo and Big Cass. The Hype Bros will take on Jordan and Gable to see who will face Rhyno and Baron Corbin in the semi-finals.

Blake and Murphy vs the Vaudevillains

Gotch starts off the match with Blake. Quick cover attempt by Gotch, but Blake kicks out pretty quickly. Gotch hits the ropes, but Alexia Bliss grabs Gotch’s ankle. Before Bliss can beg off, Blue Pants runs down the ramp and chases Bliss out of the arena. English tags in and misses a drop kick. Murphy runs in the ring and English arm drags both of the heels at the same time. Murphy rolls to the outside and English follows. Murphy trips English on the apron and English hit the apron hard.

Blake and Murphy take turns working over English. Blake and Murphy have managed to cut the ring off. Gotch has no choice but to watch has they beat down English. English hits a sick palm strike on Murphy. English tags in Gotch and Murphy tags in Blake. Gotch comes in and cleans house. Rolling senton by Gotch, but English misses the swanton. Murphy hits a diving knee strike, but English kicks out. Gotch and English hit the whirling dervish for the win.

Winners- The Vaudevillains

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