Paige Answers Questions On Creative Frustrations And Who She Would Pick As A Tag Team Partner

paigeWWE Diva and former champion Paige spoke at the San Jose Wizard World Comic Con. 

Paige talked about frustrations with creative and who she would want as a tag team partner. Paige says that working with creative can be frustrating at times.  Paige gave the examples of being put in a 5-on-1 situation at Survivor Series and the Submission Sorority name as times when she spoke up against creative and they did not listen to her opinion.

According to Paige, she told creative that the Survivor Series crowd would turn when she was working as a heel against five babyfaces.

“I knew it was going to turn out the way it did because I was on the bad guys’ side, but I said to them, ‘there’s five girls against one girl, even if she’s a bad guy, [the audience] is going to support the one by herself’ and that’s how it turned out.” Paige continued, “the whole crowd ended up turning on the good guys and chanting for me instead, but it’s just like, ‘okay, so you’re dumb. I told you this.'”

Paige said she also told creative that the Submission Sorority name was a bad idea.

“I said to a couple of the writers, I was like, ‘dude, Submission Sorority? Don’t let children Google that. So we have to, like, change it.’ And they were like, ‘oh, we’ll speak with Vince at some point.’ And, I’m like, ‘okay’. And then I see we get called the Submission Sorority on Raw the next day, there are millions of people watching, and then suddenly people are like, ‘oh great, you’re in a porn group’.”

Paige also says that if she could pick a tag team partner in a Divas tag team division that she would choose Bayley, Emma or Sasha Banks.