Ring Of Honor Allstar Extravaganza VII Results – New Champion Crowned, Does Lethal Still Have Both Titles? New Number One Contender, Former ROH Star Returns

Third Match: The Briscoes vs. The All Night Express 

The Briscoes cornered Titus and double teamed him. Mark nailed a series of kicks to the face but was caught with a nice dropkick. King was ready for a tag but Jay nailed him off the apron. Jay tagged in and locked in a side chinlock on Titus. Titus fought back and tagged in King. Titus and King were going to nail a double team maneuver but Jay Briscoe chaged over and again nailed King. The Briscoes continued beating down Titus. Briscoes set up forn the Doomsday Device but King shoved Mark off the top to the apron. Jay knocked King off the apron to the floor and nailed a big dive to the floor, wiping him out. The Briscoes worked over Titus and placed him on the top. Mark went for a top rope rana but Titus slipped up and slammed him into the buckles with an elevated Snake Eyes. The Express nailed Mark with a combination springboard Buff Blockbuster by King as Titus nailed a powerbomb. After the match was over. Adam Page storms into the ring and lowblows Jay Briscoe, the Express chase Page out of the ring.

Winner: The All Night Express

Fourth Match: Cedric Alexander w/Veda Scott vs. Moose w/Stokely Hathaway in a No Disqualification Match 

Moose hits the ring and attacks Alexander. Alexander went to the outside but Moose followed him immediately. Moose used the football helmet and charged Alexander with it. Moose then nailed another three point stance. Moose sent Alexander into the barricade again. Moose nailed Alexander with a chair and then bridged a ladder from the ring to the chair. Moose placed Alexander on the ladder and worked him over. Moose went for a flip diver over the ropes onto Alexander, who was on the ladder. Alexander moved and Moose snapped the ladder as he nailed it. Alexander used the chair to choke him. Moose was worked over. Alexander went to the ropes with a chair and prepared to come off but Moose dropkicked the chair into his face.  Alexander sailed over the ropes to the floor.  Moose hit a springboard dive to the floor. Moose brought Alexander back to the ring and wedged a steel chair in between two of the buckles. Moose went to powerbomb Alexander, but it turned into a hurricanrana that sent Moose into the chair. Scott held the chair in front of Moose’s face, allowing Alexander to nail the Van Terminator. Alexander covered Moose for a two count. 

Scott pulled a table out and Alexander set it up in the corner. Moose and Alexander slugged it out. Moose nailed him with a clothesline that flipped him inside out. Moose placed the ladder in the corner and then placed Alexander on it. Moose prepared to nail Alexander but Scott grabbed his leg. The distraction allowed Alexander to nail a springboard tornado DDT for a two count. Moose came back to slam Alexander into the ladder for a two count. Moose piled up chairs in the center of the ring. Alexander nailed a series of dropkicks and leg lariats in the corner, drilling four in a row. Alexander called for a larger wrench but Stokely Hathaway attacked him. Scott jumped on Hathaway’s back and he backed her into the corner.  Alexander charged for a dropkick. Hathaway nailed him with the wrench. Alexander landed in front of the table in the corner. Moose speared Alexander through the table to pickup the victory.

Winner: Moose