Exclusive: System Of A Down Stops Concert To Save Pro Wrestling Student’s Life; Photos, Video & Comments

Pro Wrestling Student Nearly Killed At Concert

Earlier today we reported that CM Punk was seen on and off stage this past weekend at Chicago’s Riot Fest.

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There was another pro wrestling related story coming out of Riot Fest as well. Steve Schneider is a aspiring pro wrestling student at the PWX training school in Pittsburgh. Steve had flown in to Chicago to attend Riot Fest with some of his pro wrestling friends: Lucha Underground’s Son of Havoc (Matt Cross), Freelance Wrestling’s Matt Knicks & iMpact Wrestling’s Mark Andrews. At some point Steve was knocked to the ground during System of a Down’s performance and was nearly trampled and killed by fans. System of a Down saw what was going on, stopped the entire concert and helped Steve get the help he desperately needed. 

Below are exclusive comments that Steve gave to WrestleZone about his nearly fatal experience. 

SS: I fell over during system of a down, then someone fell on top of me so I couldn’t breathe. Then once they got up, someone else fell on top of me. It was never ending. At one point I had someone on top of my back, and someone either sitting or standing on my head, pushing my face down into mud. I couldn’t breathe the entire time, but then any breath I could take I was close to inhaling muddy water. It was the scariest thing in my entire life cause I had no idea how long I’d be trapped for. Apparently System of a Down had to stop playing so paramedics could get me out, I was unconscious at that point so I have no memory of it. Both of my eyes are blood red from passing out due to lack of air + someone crushing my head + screaming for my life. 

Steve would also like to personally thank System of a Down for helping to save his life. 

Steve also submitted the following photos exclusively to WrestleZone showing how badly he was beat up in the ordeal:

Finally, the following video has been posted to Youtube by user MauEatURMusic showing the entire scary ordeal play out:

You can send your well wishes and questions to Steve at his personal Twitter account @Focalin.

Steve will be appearing on tomorrow’s episode of WrestleZone Daily at Noon EST to update us on his status and speak more about the incident. You can tune in to the show at Mixlr.com/WZRadio.