TNA Impact Wrestling Results (9/9) – New Champions Crowned, TNA/GFW Lumberjack Match, Jeff Hardy Becomes A Personal Assistant

Fourth Match: TNA Tag Team Championship Match: Trevor Lee & Brian Myers (c) vs. The Wolves

Three Suicide Dives from The Wolves to start off the match. Trevor Lee is in and both crash into him and pickup by Davey, kick by Eddie to the head and Brian makes the save. Davey and Brian brawl on the floor but Eddie kicks him! Spinning double crossbody sees Trevor land on top! Two count only! Eddie hits the buckles as Brian Myers tags in, wraps the head and suplex and a kickout by Eddie Edwards. Lee with the attack and gutwrench suplexes on Eddie! Cover gets the two. Davey tries in but Lee and Myers take advantage for the double team. Brian with the kick and stomp, wraps the head, Lee tags in and double pickup Eddie lands on his feet! Pulls the ropes as Brian dives outside, Eddie ducks a leapfrog and tags out to Davey.

Richards with the clotheslines and kicks a running Myers into Lee and dropkicks the DDT. Davey has Lee set up Superplex. Richards misses the creeping death and instead wraps the waist as Eddie lands the kick into the German and Edwards hits the diving sunset to wrap the roll and Brian breaks it up. Myers sends Davey outside, Lee hits the knee as Brian hits the Flatliner! Eddie fights both off as he kicks and elbows, Lee hit his partner with the flying knee. Eddie throws him into the air, Davey hits the kick and goes for the pin and Sonjay Dutt pulls the referee and knocks him out. Earl Hebner comes down to the ring and lays out Dutt. Davey has Lee for the Spike, Eddie with the kick and Richards slams the Piledriver to pickup the victory. 

Winner: New TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves in 07:07 

Eric Young & Chris Melendez In-Ring Promo: 

Melendez says he’s not happy he lost his leg to Eric Young last week, but he’s got one more and is ready to fight Eric Young again, and wants Young to come out and face him. Young comes out with Melendez’s leg and says this is what an American hero looks like. He’s already sent Kurt Angle home and made him explain to his kids why he can’t wrestle anymore, and now Melendez is standing there on one leg because of him.

Melendez says he will never back down or surrender, and it’s a good thing Young has that leg because when he gets done with him, he’ll be the one who needs it. Young says he doesn’t have to face him again, but he’s so sure he can beat him again, he’ll give him his leg back. He holds the leg out to Melendez, then shoves him over when he hops over to take it. Young says he’s never going to get the leg back, and the next time they face each other, Young will take everything.