How Much Does Sunny Charge for Her Skype Sessions?, What Do They Entail?, Former TNA Star Announces Retirement, WWE Tryout News

How Much Does Sunny Charge for Her Skype Sessions

sunnyA WZ reader sent us an email revealing the following details on WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch’s Skype sessions:

The sessions are $50 for 10 minutes of chat in lingerie, and topless. For $100 a fan gets 10 minutes of chat, and Sunny “showing everything”.

The email also noted that Sunny encourages fans to do “whatever they want” on their end of the Skype session.

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WWE Tryout News

According to The Wrestling Observer, Christian Boley and Gabriel Zimmerly received WWE tryouts last week. They are the students of legend Dory Funk, Jr.

Former TNA Star Announces Retirement

Former TNA star Jesse Neal announced his retirement on August 29th at an In Your Face Wrestling show. It’s worth noting Neal has announced his retirement from pro wrestling in the past.