TNA Impact Wrestling Results (9/2) – New Champions Crowned, Dixie Challenges Jarrett, EC3 vs Hardy!

King of the Mountain Championship

Bobby Roode vs PJ Black (c)

Roode hits Black a few times and clotheslines him, then he stomps Black and calls for a suplex. Black superkicks him and sends him into the barricade, then he hits a suicide dive and drops Roode with a forearm. We get back from a break to see Black slam Roode before they trade strikes, then Roode hits a spinebuster off the ropes for two. Roode goes for a Crossface but Sonjay Dutt runs out and distracts him, and Roode knocks him down and goes back to the Crossface. Drew Galloway runs out and prevents Dutt from interfering again, then Roode blocks a springboard attack by Black and hits a Roode Bomb for the win. 

Winner and NEW King of the Mountain Champion – Bobby Roode

Jeff Jarrett’s music cues up and Myers and Lee rush out to the ring, and Roode runs through the crowd. Jarrett follows them and asks why Drew didn’t get the message, and they aren’t going anywhere until they take this company back. Dixie Carter comes out and asks if Jeff can even admit his mistakes, because all she hears from Jeff is “I”. Jeff says Dixie stole his power, but Dixie says she’s been here since day one and it all happened for a reason. Dixie says she knows how to make this go away, and she proposes a ‘winner-takes-all’ match for control of the company. Jeff asks if she’s really confident she can win, then Drew Galloway walks out and says he’s standing for TNA Wrestling, and he has to go through all of them. The Wolves and Bobby Lashley join him on the stage, and they all talk more trash as the segment ends.