Is Adam Rose Getting A New Gimmick?, Eric Bischoff Talks Downfall Of WCW, Working With Vince Russo, Roddy Piper Memories (Audio)

wweAdam Rose 

Adam Rose worked a match during tonight’s WWE Main Event tapings against Fandango, and had a bit of a more dramatic look. 

Rose was seen wearing black tights, a polo shirt and glasses, and made an entrance without his music. According to reports, Rose was continuing to play up a new “party pooper” gimmick he’s been teasing over the past few weeks. 

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff returned to Under The Mat Radio in Baltimore, MD for a special episode on Thursday. He sits down with Tech, NSC Gameboy & Shin-Blade discussing the following topics:
-Why 1999 is important in his career
-The downfall of WCW
-Working with Vince Russo
-The Fingerpoke of Doom
-Mike Jones AKA Virgil
-Owen Hart’s tragic death & being the person to break the news to Bret Hart
-Challenging Vince McMahon
-DX Invasion
-Memories of Roddy Piper
-His “fake” teeth & gray hairs
-Ric Flair
-Gimmick matches (Elimination Chamber, RAW Roulette)
-Bischoff/Hervey Productions
-His love for the color black
-Sons of Anarchy
and more
You can listen to the complete episode in the player below: