How WWE Is Handling the PC Shooting Internally, Which Female Was the Man Obsessed with?, Kane Returning On SD!?, Ziggler/Lana

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WWE’s Internal Reaction To Yesterday’s Shooting


According to officials within WWE sent out word to employees not to comment on yesterday’s shooting incident publicly; on social media or if asked. WWE’s preference is that all questions and information regarding the case be handled by the local authorities.

Even though there is video on-line of Montalvo speaking with former WWE Diva AJ Lee it appears Montalvo was “fixated” on recent WWE Tough Enough judge Lita. According to News 6 in Orlando Montalvo showed up on 8/4 at the WWE Performance Center with a giant Lita sign.

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Ziggler & Lana On Miz TV This Week On SD! is advertising that this week’s WWE Smackdown! episode will feature Dolph Ziggler & Lana on an edition of Miz TV. WWE is teasing that Dolph and Lana will be talking about what happened between Dolph and Summer Rae, in the shower, on last night’s episode of WWE RAW.

Kane Returning On SD! 

WWE currently has Kane listed as one of the wrestlers appearing at this Thursday’s taping for Smackdown! in Miami, FL. Whether or not he will be appearing on TV, or at all, has yet to be confirmed but he is advertised as appearing.