Sting vs Seth Rollins Reaction, Chances Of Sting Winning & More

Shane Shoemaker, blogger, wrote a blog Thursday saying Seth Rollins is now “The Man.” Here’s part of that blog:

Remember when people said it looked like Shawn Michaels “went out there and had a match with a ladder” atWrestleMania X? As we all know, that wasn’t meant as a derogatory statement towards Razor Ramon, and certainly not at Michaels; it was simply stating Michaels unbelievable athleticism and unmatched in-ring capabilities—and that’s exactly where Seth Rollins is now.

I said on Twitter Sunday during his match with John Cena that Seth Rollins is almost, if not, on Shawn Michaels’ level of in-ring ability in 1996-97, a time where the Heartbreak Kid was untouchable as far as in-ring talent was concerned.

If you go back and watch Rollins in his match with Cena this past Sunday at SummerSlam, you’ll notice from the opening bell that Rollins goes full-throttle throughout the whole match. And when I say that, I’m not referring to a high-flying spot fest where there’s lack of selling and psychology that many of the talents feel are needed in their matches to get themselves over. I’m talking about Rollins simply getting it done in the ring, holding nothing back, and exercising his incredible in-ring abilities to their fullest extent.

Like Ramon against Michaels, take nothing away from Cena, but for most of the match it seemed that Rollins was so smooth and transitional in his moves, that he could have wrestled thin air and made it entertaining. It wasn’t just his bright new white tights that stood out—it was Rollins himself.

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