WWE NXT Results (8/26)- Fit Bull Dempsey Debuts, NXT Womens Fatal Four Way!

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WWE NXT Results

August 26th 2015

Report By Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

Once again NXT is emanating from the Barclay Center. The crowd is hot for the superstars of NXT. After a brief into, Big Cass and Enzo’s music hits. The crowd comes totally unglued. 15000 + following along as Enzo delivers his usual opening promo.

The Hype Bros and Enzo and Big Cass vs Dawson and Dash, Jason Jordon and Chad Gable

 The Hype Bros take turns working over Dawson. The crowd chants “we want Enzo”, so Ryder obliges and tags in the super over New Jersey native. The heels charge the ring and all the faces square up. They send everyone except Dash out of the ring. Dash jumps off the top and Enzo sends him to the mat with a right hand to the gut. Dash stumbles to the corner. Ryder takes advantage and hits him with the Broski Boot. The heels gather themselves on the outside. Before they know what is happening, Cass picks up Enzo and launches him over the top rope taking out all of the remaining heels.

After a short break, Jordan is working over Enzo in the ring. The heels are taking turns beating on Enzo. Both Jordan and Dash work over Enzo’s arm. Dash and Dawson have fully embraced their “New Brain busters” gimmick” (complete with shimmery red jackets and working on an exclusive body part). Gable is tagged in. Enzo almost makes it to his corner for a tag, but Gable flips him over with a one-legged monkey flip. Enzo hits a ddt, but Jordan tags in to stop the tag. Enzo finally tags in Big Cass. He floors Gable with a splash in the corner, a big boot and the Empire Elbow.

Jordan breaks up Big Cass’ pin. Ryder jumps in the ring and hit the Rough Ryder. Dash and Dawson run into the ring and hit their flapjack code breaker finish on Ryder. Rawley runs in and slams Dash. Cass floors Gable. Cass and Enzo hit their assist splash from the top for the win.

Winner- The Hype Bros and Enzo and Big Cass

Backstage William Regal reminds us that the Dusty Rhodes memorial tag team tournament will be starting soon. Neville walks in and humble asks if there were a spot open, he would like to compete in the tournament. Regal obliges.