Full ROH Field of Honor Results (8/22): Adam Cole vs Christopher Daniels, Kazuchika Okada vs Roderick Strong and More

Source: PWInsider

ring of honorHere are the full results for ROH Field of Honor at MCU Park in Brooklyn, NY:

Pretty good crowd here in Brooklyn on a perfect night.

Pre Show saw Will Ferrara beat an unnamed talent in a few minutes in a match that had nothing much to it.

Adam Cole d. Christopher Daniels

Pretty good match which saw Daniels work for a few submissions. Sabin attempted to interfere but was superkicked off the apron. Cole got the win with a twisting drop onto his knee.

War Machine d. Killer Elite Squad

These four beat the hell out of each other. Not too many pretty or fluid spots but good work from all four. Smith has awesome kicks now and Archer is great in his character.

Finish saw Hanson hit a leg drop off the top while Rowe simultaneously hit a belly to back suplex for the win.

Gauntlet for the Number 1 Contender to the TV Title

Adam Page against Dalton Castle first. Castle is over HUGE here. Everyone on their feet for his entrance.

They got a lot of time. Whitmer attempted to throw Cole a crutch, but Castle rolled him up for the three. After the match, Cole attacked Castle with the crutch to weaken him.

Kazarian out next.

Castle was getting worked over when he pulled a reversal of a victory roll for another pin. Sabin and Kazarian beat down Castle some more to weaken him.

Silas Young out next.

The Last Real Man got a quick win with a spinning TKO. The crowd is upset.

So now Bushwacker Luke is out. Okay.

Young threw Luke out of the ring and he proceeded to Bushwacker Walk around he bases for a count out. He got a “You Still Got It” chant and a “That Was Awesome” chant.

Moose out next.

Moose made quick work of Young and finished him with a brutal uranage variation for the win.

Donovan Dijak next.

This got some time and Dijak got some offense, including an absurd spinning somersault plancha where he almost died.

Moose got the win with the spear.

Cedric Alexander next.

Veda distracted Moose which allowed Alexander to sneak in and hit the wrench punch for the win.

Wantanabe next.

They went back and forth, with Alexander looking to get he best of things when Moose came back out being held back by security. This allowed Watanabe to hit a half-nelson German and a Uranage for the win.

Winner of the TV Title shot in San Antonio: Watanabe

Young Bucks, ACH & Matt Sydal d. RPG Vice and The Kingdom Not attempts will be made to call this match. It was all of the action spots you would expect. An absurd spot had Taven and Bennett run the bases only to run into a superkick from the Bucks. Win came when the Bucks hit More Bang For Your Buck, ACH hit the 450 and Sydal hit the Shooting Star Press on Romero all in a row for the win.

Hirooki Goto d. Michael Elgin

This was a hard hitting match that was very reminiscent of their match two weeks ago at Korakuen Hall. Each man hit their signature spots and Goto got a good reaction from the crowd.

Finish saw Goto block a suplex attempt from Elgin and hit the Shouten Kai for the win after they traded some awesome near fall spots.

The Briscoes d. Time Splitters

Mark came out like a wild man (not Marc Mero), jumping into the crowd much to everyone’s joy.

The match saw the two teams go back and forth in a very athletic manner, though the Briscoes mostly stuck to brawling.

The finish saw Shelley eat a Jay Driller to give a win to Dem Boys.

Kazuchika Okada d. Roderick Strong

An excellent match that was hurt by the acoustics of the outdoor venue. World Class work nonetheless.

Strong was able to escape the Rainmaker a few times and hit a Sick Kick for a near fall. Okada needed two Tombstones and a Rainmaker before he finally put Strong away. Show of respect after the match. Great match that might have needed a more intimate setting to give it the respect it deserved.