Daniel Bryan Q&A Highlights: Says WWE Might Never Clear Him to Return, Who in WWE Does He Most Want to Face?, Talks CM Punk Quitting Wrestling, More

daniel bryanThanks to WZ reader Tony Kegger for sending in the following recap.

WWE star Daniel Bryan appeared at the Wizard World Chicago event in Rosemont, IL tonight, and below is a recap of his Q&A:

Brock Lesnar is the WWE opponent he would most like to wrestle if WWE ever allows him to return to the ring.

– One of the pitched names for Daniel Bryan’s running knee finisher was The Crusher and it was meant to be a tribute to Connor “The Crusher” Michalek. Bryan confirmed that the Knee Plus was another possible name. Right now, Bryan refers to it as the Running Knee but acknowledged that it doesn’t really have a name.

– Daniel Bryan said the death of his father in 2014 was one of the toughest things he had to deal with during his WWE career. He said the 2014 NFL football season was different for him last year because his father would talk to Bryan about the Seattle Seahawks a lot especially when the Seahawks won the Super Bowl right before his father passed away. He basically said he misses being able to do stuff with his father.

– The topic of CM Punk leaving WWE was brought up by a fan and Bryan said it makes him sad that someone who had so much passion for wrestling like CM Punk did now no longer has a passion for it anymore. Bryan said he would have liked to face Punk at a WrestleMania because it would have been like Bret vs. Shawn.

– Bryan talked a little bit about ZZ from Tough Enough saying that ZZ has a great personality and I think he said that ZZ has the potential to be good if he puts the work in.

– The last thing Bryan talked about was his future in WWE. He made it clear that he has no idea when he will wrestle for WWE again or if he will ever wrestle for WWE again. He said the problem was concussion related dating back to April I think. A doctor who worked for the Super Bowl cleared him to wrestle, but WWE is being really careful with Bryan’s concussion history and is not ready and may never be ready to give him the green light to go back in the ring. Bryan said he’s training as if he is going to return, but the decision is not up to him. He mentioned that he could work SummerSlam this Sunday if WWE added him to the event. What he said definitely came off as that he is completely 100% healthy and the only reason why he’s not wrestling right now is because WWE won’t let him.