More News on WWE Hall of Famer in Town for SummerSlam, Sunny Posts New, Risqué Photos, WWE Stars Visit NYC Firefighters (Photos)

More on WWE Hall of Famer in Town for SummerSlam

summerslamAs noted, Steve Austin mentioned on Twitter that he had a beer “in town” with Ric Flair last night, who is also in New York City for SummerSlam weekend.

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According to, Flair is in town to watch his daughter Charlotte compete in the Divas tag match at the PPV, and it’s not likely he will be appearing on the show. Other members of Charlotte’s family, including David Flair, are also in town for SummerSlam.

WWE Stars Visit NYC Firefighters

As SummerSlam week rolls on, numerous WWE stars and Divas are riding around New York City today on a double decker bus, and are visiting firefighters around the city.

The following photo has been posted by WWE, and Roman Reigns had the following to say to

“We’re taking the time to celebrate the real heroes of our world. Some of the most courageous people in the biggest city in the world.”

Sunny Posts New, Risqué Photos

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch has posted some risqué photos on her Twitter page to promote her Skype sessions with fans: