Brock Lesnar On ESPN; Brock Comments On WWE vs UFC, Says Vince McMahon Is “Better At It” Than Dana White

stephen amellAs noted, WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar was a guest today on ESPN’s SportsCenter. Brock was scheduled to appear on SC as well as the Mike & Mike Radio Show this morning. 

Lesnar participated in a few segments, including “working” as the ESPN drive-in security guard this morning (also seen below). One of the notable comments, which is sure to spark a debate, came when the topic of WWE vs UFC and Dana White’s recent “fake” comments were brought up. In regards to his former and current boss, Brock offered the following remarks:  

Brock said, yes, everyone knows it’s [WWE] is fake, but White is still promoting the same thing WWE is. Brock said called it the same kind of entertainment and WWE just gets more time out of their wrestlers than UFC [gets with their fighters]. Lesnar says Vince damn good at what he does.