Update on Roman Reigns Being Attacked by Fan at Live Event, Police Called, Reigns Temporarily Knocked Out and More

roman reignsAs noted, Roman Reigns was attacked by a fan with a fake Money in the Bank briefcase during last night’s WWE live event in Victoria.

Reigns was in the middle of the main event match against Bray Wyatt, when a fan struck Reigns in the back with the briefcase while his back was turned.

According to live reports, Reigns was temporarily knocked out and remained in the corner for a few minutes until he finally came to. Wyatt, in the meantime, stalled for time as authorities and security tended to the situation at ringside.

The police were finally called to ringside, where several fans were ejected as a result of the incident.

Reigns appears to be ok as he was able to finish the match against Wyatt.