TNA Impact Wrestling Results (8/6) – No Surrender Returns, Gail Takes On The Dollhouse, EC3 vs Hardy In Full Metal Mayhem!

Matt Hardy vs. Ethan Carter III (c)

Matt Hardy is out first with Jeff Hardy, but Jeff stops at the entrance ramp as per Bully Ray’s declaration.  ECIII comes out with his overly produced entrance (for good reason) and gets the crowd riled up to see him lose his title to the well established Hardy brother.


After formal introductions, the two main eventers lock-up for the first time.  EC3 whiffs the first shot and Matt hits a nice Bulldog out of the corner.  Matt sets up for a Side Effect early in the match, but EC3 creates a little space in order to knock Hardy down with a clothesline.  Carter gets a chair and clocks him in the gut and the back.  Ethan sits down and leisurely taunts a hurt Hardy before standing and slamming him face first into the seat.  

Matt reverses the tide and hits a nice shot the face before landing the biggest move yet with a huge Side Effect through the chair!  Matt goes to the outside and introduces the first ladder into this TNA World Title Match.  EC3 then takes a hip toss on the ladder and gets slammed face first into it a few times after that for good measure.  Matt leans the ladder in the corner and whips the champion into it back-first, much to the chagrin of the 1%’er.  Matt begins to climb the ladder but EC3 is able to take out Matt’s leg with a chair to the knee.


We return from the last break of TNA No Surrender 2015 to see EC3 kicking Matt Hardy while he is down and trapped inside the turned over set of steel steps.  EC3 is now climbing the ladder for the first time himself, but Matt is able to roll in the ring and tumble the ladder over.  He then capitalizes on it by bringing the ladder into EC3’s privates, ensuring there won’t be any little EC3’s running round anytime soon.  Carter fights his way  up to his credit, only to fall to a crippling Spinning Neckbreaker.  Matt tries for the title again, but Ethan is able to save the day by pushing the ladder over.  However, Hardy lands on his feet and clocks EC3 with a clothesline.  He picks his dead weight up and puts Carter on a table just like his aunt was several months ago by Bully Ray.  

Carter is able to turn the tides and rock Matt’s world with a powerbomb through the table!  EC3  drops one last insult to Hardy and climbs the ladder again.  Matt is surviving as he grabs the champ’s leg on his way up.  Ethan gets a  bit annoyed and begins dropping elbows on the inside of Matt’s legs, handicapping him for the time being.  EC3 slowly makes his way back up the ladder again, merely touches it, and gets yanked right back to the canvas unceremoniously by Matt Hardy!  Hardy hits a shot to the gut with a new chair a vicious shot to the back as well.  Matt is going for another ladder, wedging it between the steel steps and the apron.  Matt sets up to Suplex Ethan to the outside, but gets pushed  over and hits his head hard on the ladder, rolling off and to the mats on the outside.  Ethan sets up a 2nd table and plans to put Matt Hardy away for good.  Matt pops up though and nails a Side Effect on the edge of the ring apron!  Matt then lays the champion on the table only to head up top and hit his iconic Legdrop from the top rope to the outside…THROUGH THE TABLE!  

Both men look exhausted in the destroyed table, but Matt Hardy begins to crawl out first…heading for the TNA World Title.  Matt is climbing the ladder with his one good leg, but takes a rough shot the other knee by EC3 with another nasty chair shot!  The struggle begins as they both start climbing the ladder.  EC3 gets to the top first, reaches first, but Hardy gets the first punch in as he pummels Ec3 down a few rungs.  EC3 is able to focus on Matt’s bad knees and push Matt off eventually and grab his coveted TNA World Title.

Winner – Ethan Carter III 

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