TNA Impact Wrestling Results (8/6) – No Surrender Returns, Gail Takes On The Dollhouse, EC3 vs Hardy In Full Metal Mayhem!

Backstage, we see Austin Aries apologizing to Bobby Roode, saying how unpredictable this business is.  Roode says he is speechless and is unsure of where they will both go and/or end up.  Aries says that there are few wrestlers left in this world that are of the class they are…however, wrestlers like they always land on their feet at all times because of the amount of talent they have…which is certainly true!

James Storm vs. Mahabali Shira (formerly Koya)

James Storm makes his way out to the ring next to face off against his former Revolution underling, Koya.  Storm starts off the bout in control with a shot to the bread basket and some chops and punches in the corner.  Storm starts slapping Shira around a bit more and makes the mistake of turning his back to intimidate the referee.  Shira fights back with an Irish Whip  and a great looking tackle.  Storm sees where this is going and uses the bullrope he was carrying against Shira for the DQ loss.  He gets in the ear of the KO’ed Shira and whispers, “I just turned into your nightmare”.

Winner – Mahabali Shira via DQ

Backstage, Bully Ray is on the ground as he was apparently attacked from behind with the chain that Bobby Roode was holding onto earlier during their conversation next to him on the ground.


The show returns to see Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett discussing the situation with Bully Ray.  Jeff immediately offers help from Global Force Wrestling.  Dixie is not fully convinced, but reluctantly lets Jeff put on the show next week.  Josh Matthews and The Pope then speculate on what Jeff Jarrett has planned for next week before they send it to ECIII for his comments from last week where he used the prefix “un” to the utmost and proclaimed that Matt Hardy won’t even be a blip on the radar of his soon-to-be-legendary title reign.