TNA Impact Wrestling Results (8/6) – No Surrender Returns, Gail Takes On The Dollhouse, EC3 vs Hardy In Full Metal Mayhem!

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

August 5th 2015

Report By Ford Fischer for

TNA No Surrender began with a short tribute to the recently passed “Rowdy” Roddy Piper followed by a recap of last week’s happenings that lead into this week’s episode to be headlined by the Full Metal Mayhem TNA World Title Match between challenger Matt Hardy and champion Ethan Carter III.

Bram vs Ken Anderson 

First match up on the show is Bram as he carries out Mr. Anderson’s microphone that he stole and bashed Anderson over the head with last week.  Bram’s conviction and intensity instantly made me a fan of his when he debuted for TNA.  Mr. Anderson is up next and obviously skips his normal entrance before running to the ring to face Bram.  He starts off the bout with some heavy chops across Bram’s chest and clotheslines him over the top rope and to the floor!  Anderson breaks the count on the outside after some thrashing against the apron to Bram.  They come back in the ring for a split second before Anderson reverse a boot the face by pushing Bram back to the outside.  Bram assumes control from here with a rough shot into the steps to the microphone wielding superstar.  The Pope accurately goes as far to say, “Bram is Bruiser Brody reincarnated”.  

Bram begins to show some true dominance by touring Anderson around the security railing and tossing him into it several times.  Bram hangs Anderson over the apron while partially back in the ring and covers his head with the apron while whaling on his back unmercifully.  A nasty back elbow off the ropes to Anderson earns Bram the first 2-count of the bout.  Anderson begins fighting out of the reverse chinlock Bram has started.  Anderson finally shows a bit of life with a boot in the corner after and Irish Whip followed by a few quick jabs that brings Bram to the canvas.  Anderson hits a high angle slam for a 2-count of his own.  Anderson goes climbing to the top rope, but Bram pops up in time to set-up for a Superplex in his favor.  After a little back-and-forth on the turnbuckle, Bram hooks the arm and successfully hits a devastating Superplex for a 2-count.  

Big clothesline from Bram as they both get to their feet followed by a rather uncharacteristic Spinning Heel Kick in the middle of the ring by Bram for a close 2-count again.  Three Short-Arm Clotheslines later put Anderson in serious trouble, but when Bram gets greedy and goes for a fourth, Anderson is able to momentarily reverse only to get creamed by the 4th one by Bram!  Bram begins getting frustrated as he covers Anderson for a 2-count and covers him a couple more times immediately after, forcing him to use all of his energy kicking out rather than actually on the offensive.  Anderson uses Bram’s frustration against him and reverses another Suplex attempt into a Small Package for the surprise win!  Then, in true Bram fashion and showing that this feud is far from over, Bram chases Anderson up the stage with his trademark microphone and clocks him before taunting an unconscious Anderson.

Winner – Ken Anderson