Roddy Piper Tells Hulk Hogan Critics to ‘Get a Life’ Following Racism Scandal

roddy piper spoken word tourWWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper appeared on The Rich Eisen Show this week to promote some of his new products, including a graphic novel and a soda line, and was asked about the ongoing Hulk Hogan controversy. 

In classic Piper fashion, almost none of the interview made any sense. The Hall of Famer rambled about his experience in pro wrestling as a major heel during his era, and the backlash he received from fans from various cultures around the world. At one point, Rich Eisen (the host) cuts off Roddy and asks him straight, “your point is what here…?” 

When he finally got down to the question, “Hot Rod” fired off a few lines that will undoubtedly bring him some heat. 

“Boy, you guys are sensitive. Hang on. I know people who gotta get up and walk five miles for water first thing in the morning.”

“With Hulkster, I don’t agree with all his choices, but I don’t hear people saying all the great things he’s done. All those kids that said their prayers and took their vitamins; I don’t hear them saying that. At a time with Hogan, where he has a little boy in jail, and a little lady trying to make it in show business…”

“I think everybody needs to get a life. I don’t think anybody should just go to hurt your feelings for no reason.” 

You can check out the complete interview below.