GFW First “Amped” TV Taping Results (7/24): Nex*Gen Tournament, Current and Former TNA Stars, Karen and Jeff Jarrett, and More *Spoilers*

(4) Bollywood Boys beat The Akbars in a GFW Tag Tournament match.

Karen Jarrett came out next. Karen said that she is going to make sure the ladies are not overlooked in GFW. She said a ladies match will be the main event tonight. Then Lei’D Tapa came out with her husband manager. She said that Karen isn’t fulfilling her promises to her and is all about Mickie James. This led to Karen booking the advertised three-way match next.

(5) Christina Von Eerie beat Mickie James and Lei’D Tapa in a three-way Women’s Tournament match. Tapa was much bigger than other two, so they tried to double-team Tapa. In the end, Von Eerie got the win over Tapa. Eerie is billed from Reno, so she was the crowd favorite with lots of “oy!” chants.


(6) Jigsaw beat Sonjay Dutt in a Nex*Gen Tournament match. Jigsaw won a good back and forth match. In fact all of the Next*Gen matches and the luchadors six-man tag were great high-flying, back-and-forth matches that the crowd loved.

Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen came out next to cut a heel promo. Sonnen said he’s the man and we all suck. Phil Baroni, who has been training with Future Stars of Wrestling, was in the crowd and the audience chanted his name. Sonnen said if they fought again, he would win. Sonnen then brought out Virgil Flynn. He said Flynn impressed Jeff Jarrett and is now in the Nex*Gen tournament. This brought out P.J. Black, who told him, “Great showing tonight,” then shook his hand and proceeded to superkick him. Black left.

(7) Chris Masters (Chris Mordetzy) beat Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) in a Global Title tournament match. Masters won with the Masterlock. During match it looked like Myers took a nasty fall to the outside, but maybe it was not as bad as I thought since he finished the match okay.

(8) Reno Scum beat Los Luchadors. Reno got the “oy!” chants throughout and eventually got the win. Good match.