More Details on Hulk Hogan and WWE Potentially Parting Ways, Hogan Rumored to Have Gone On a Racial Tirade, More

hulk hoganAs noted, WWE’s website has completely pulled all things Hulk Hogan related, and it appears as if Hogan is done with the company.

Rumors have begun surfacing online that a video or audio tape might have leaked, which features Hogan going on a racial tirade, but that cannot be confirmed at this time, nor can it be confirmed that’s the reason why has disassociated itself from Hogan.

Dave Meltzer Tweeted the following:

I would be very surprised if WWE disassociating itself from Hogan has anything to do with Hogan’s current sex tape lawsuit with Gawker. That has been an ongoing issue for years, and if WWE had a problem with it they probably would have done something a long time ago.