WWE Smackdown Results (7/23) – Rusev vs Owens, Ambrose vs Sheamus, Rollins vs Cesaro!

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WWE Smackdown Results

July 23rd 2015

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus 

Ambrose hits Sheamus a few times before running into a powerslam attempt, but Ambrose knocks him outside and goes for a dive. Sheamus hits him with a forearm shot, then he attacks him on the apron but Ambrose DDT’s him as we go to a break. We get back to see Sheamus knock Ambrose off the turnbuckles, then he clubs him a few times and sends him across the ring. Sheamus applies an inverted stretch before connecting with a powerbomb for two, then Sheamus applies a half crab but Ambrose kicks out and clotheslines him. 

Ambrose hits Sheamus with a diving elbow for two, then Bray Wyatt’s music cues up and Bray enters from the stage. Ambrose turns and sees Luke Harper has also showed up, standing on the commentary table, and goes after him. Sheamus clubs Ambrose as he runs around towards Harper, then rolls him in and connects with a Brogue Kick for the win. 

Winner – Sheamus