WWE Battleground Results (7/19) – Cena/Owens, Divas Triple Threat, Undertaker Returns!

Titus splashes Kofi and hits the ropes, but Woods jumps on the apron and hits an enziguiri while E distracts the ref. Kofi gets a two count before heading up top, but Titus punches him on the way down before Young hits a release throw off the tag. Young punches E and backdrops Woods on the apron, but Kofi catches him with a thrust kick after he turns around. E tags in and Kofi tries to assist with the Big Ending, but Young ducks and sends E into the corner. Young hits Kofi with Gut Check, then Titus tags in and hits Clash of the Titus for the win. 

Winners – Prime Time Players 

Paige is backstage with Charlotte and Becky Lynch, and she says she asked for change for months, and they are getting it. Becky says they should tear the house down tonight, because they are getting noticed by the Divas and the men. She says they will make a statement and Charlotte says they will do it with ‘flair’ and they do a pinky-promise to shake on it.

Another match with a good pace, and glad they kept the titles on PTP. I almost feel like having New Day chase is better right now, because when or if they do finally win them back, they’ll get more heat. As far as the Divas promo, it was short, sweet and to the point. Looking forward to the triple threat later tonight. Curious as to who they will pick. Wouldn’t mind seeing Becky, but between her and Charlotte, it’d be Charlotte more likely. Something tells me they’ll pick Paige though, and save the other two women’s “first” matches for something more promoted. Hope I’m wrong.