WWE Battleground Results (7/19) – Cena/Owens, Divas Triple Threat, Undertaker Returns!

Stephanie McMahon talks to JoJo backstage about the “Divas Revolution” on RAW, and Stephanie says they haven’t seen anything yet. She says she got each Divas team to pick a representative, and they will have a triple threat match tonight. Stephanie they’ve had a lot of great matches in St. Louis, and she expects nothing less and they’ll tear the house down. 

WWE Tag Team Championship

The New Day vs Prime Time Players (c)

Young suplexes Kofi for two and hits an elbow, then Titus hits him a few times before E gets the tag. He knocks Young out of the ring and sends him into the ringpost, then Kofi gets back in and hits Young in the corner. Kofi punches him on the apron a few times, then E tags in and splashes him on the apron before entering the ring. E applies an abdominal stretch but Young breaks, so E throws an elbow and sends him into the corner. Young knocks him back and Titus gets the tag, and he elbows and clotheslines Kofi a few times before hitting a backbreaker. (Continued…)